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Wanting some inspirational pages to spark reluctant writers to write? Looking for engaging, picture writing prompts to help all your students get creative? Here are 11 picture story prompts with several fun (warm weather) outdoor scenes. As students color each picture, they can begin thinking about a story to write!

Each page contains an illustration and space to begin writing. If students need extra space to continue their story, just have them finish on the back or attach another piece of paper.

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Example scenes you’ll find in this resource:

  • Boy fishing at a pond with a bug spray at his feet and a squirrel beside some cans that have been discarded
  • A pirate ship anchored at the shore of a tropical island
  • Two girls at a park. One flying a kite and happy while the other girl (with a dog) looks upset.
  • A moose walking by a river

Again, there are 11 different scenes from which to pick and choose!

Suggested uses:

  • Place in a writing center and allow students to choose which picture inspires them the most.
  • Assign the same page to several students. Then, allow them to share their stories to see how different (or similar) they are!
  • Create a fun bulletin board displaying completed student work.


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