36 Positive Growth Mindset Bookmarks - Woodland / Forest Animals36 Positive Growth Mindset Bookmarks - Woodland / Forest Animals

Positive Growth Mindset Bookmarks | Forest Animals


Here are 36 positive, growth mindset bookmarks for your students! This resource has two sets of bookmarks to make it easier for you to print according to your needs: a classroom set and an individual set. The classroom set has four identical bookmarks on each page.The individual set has 4 different bookmarks per page.

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SAMPLE Bookmarks…

  • 1. I choose to be positive!
  • 2. Attitude and Effort are more important than talent!
  • 3. Attitude is my mind’s paintbrush. It can color any situation.
  • 4. A Challenge lets me exercise my brain!
  • 5. Never say, “I can’t.” Say, “I’ll try.”
  • 6. Mistakes are only opportunities to learn.
  • 7. Think Positive. Be Positive.
  • 8. With practice, I can and will improve!

36 in all!


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