Silent Night | Informational Text


The Christmas carol, Silent Night, is one of the world’s most well known Christmas songs. Written in 1816 by an Austrian priest named Father Josef Mohr, it has since been translated into more than 140 different languages and was even sung as part of the ‘Christmas Truce’ during World War I in 1914. Historic facts like these are included in this informational text.

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This product includes:

  • a page of informational text
    Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 7.3
  • a short reading comprehension assessment (3 short answer questions and 2 multiple choice questions)
  • an essay – Students will be asked to choose between two topics.

Suggested uses:

  • Use as a quick ‘Christmas-related’ mini-lesson
  • Use as a springboard for an even larger assignment. Have students complete this lesson and then ask them to choose a different Christmas carol to research and write a report on it. Perhaps students can even create a reading assessment to go along with their report. (This can be an individual or cooperative group assignment!)


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