A Comprehensive Study - The Mayflower for 5th-6th GradesA Comprehensive Study - The Mayflower for 5th-6th Grades

A Study of the Mayflower | 5th-6th Grade


With this comprehensive, cross-curricular unit study on the Mayflower, your students are going to read informational text to learn about the ship, its voyages, and its passengers (the Pilgrims). Students will also work with vocabulary related to ship navigational instruments, sections of the ship as well as words used in a farewell letter written to the passengers of the Mayflower. Perfect to use when studying the founding of the New World or during November (prior to Thanksgiving).

Students will be asked to…

  • – Answer comprehension questions and questions to challenge their thoughts
  • Research and define unknown terms and vocabulary
  • Write a first person narrative
  • – Complete hands-on projects

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Some of the included items…

  • – K-W-L
  • – Informational Text: Mayflower before the Pilgrims
  • – The Mayflowers Crew (Job titles and duties)
  • – Sections of the Mayflower (Rooms/Areas and uses)
  • – Names of navigational instruments of the day
  • – Farewell letter read to the passengers prior to departure from Pastor John Robinson
  • – Mayflower Passenger List
  • – Informational Text: Food and Life Aboard the Mayflower
  • – Pilgrim Fact Cards
  • – Class outdoor activity
  • – Answer Keys

After completion, students will have gained invaluable knowledge about life onboard a ship such as the Mayflower as well many of the reasons such a voyage was taken and a bit about life after they arrived into the New World.

I have included a list of books and web links that can be used for additional learning.


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