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    If you are looking for a student centered resource to help students learn and practice research skills, report writing skills, project skills, presentation skills and more this is a great unit. Use it within a Language Arts classroom or a Social Studies / U.S. History classroom. Very flexible and cross-curricular!


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    This is a downloadable copy of the book.
    About the book: Barton’s 1904 book “A Story of the Red Cross: Glimpses of Field Work,” recounts the work performed by the Society under her direction.

    About the Author: Clara Barton (1821 – 1912) was a pioneering nurse who founded the American Red Cross. She was a hospital nurse in the American Civil War, a teacher, and patent clerk. Nursing education was not very formalized at that time and Clara did not attend nursing school, so she provided self-taught nursing care.

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  • notebooking - pony express

    Help students get the most of any study on American Westward Expansion and the Pony Express! This resource provide themed pages that students can use to record information from class lessons, textbook reading or from their own research! Inspiring student creativity and productivity are the reasons behind the designing of this product. These pages are ready to use and flexible!

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    High School American History 1 – Teacher’s Guide with Keys

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    This informational resource on Abraham Lincoln is designed to give 5th – 7th graders practice reading and comprehending content area text. There are two pages of text which will cover Lincoln’s life beginning in Kentucky and progresses through his life touching on his family, his career as a lawyer, his election in 1860 and finally his death by the hands of John Wilkes Booth. After reading both the text and two charts (quick facts and fun facts), students will complete a comprehension worksheet. Finally, there is a fun postcard writing activity asking them to write to President Lincoln.

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    This resource, Immigration – Ellis Island – US History Informational Text, has SIX parts: The Early Days, 1892-1954 Gateway to the United States, The Immigrant Experience, Why They Came, From WWII to the Present and Ellis Island Name Change Myth.

    In each part, students will have one page of informational text and then a page of multiple choice questions plus one essay question to assess understanding / comprehension. Answer Keys provided.

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  • A Comprehensive Study - The Mayflower for 5th-6th Grades

    With this comprehensive, cross-curricular unit study on the Mayflower, your students are going to read informational text to learn about the ship, its voyages, and its passengers (the Pilgrims). Students will also work with vocabulary related to ship navigational instruments, sections of the ship as well as words used in a farewell letter written to the passengers of the Mayflower. Perfect to use when studying the founding of the New World or during November (prior to Thanksgiving).

    Students will be asked to…

    • – Answer comprehension questions and questions to challenge their thoughts
    • Research and define unknown terms and vocabulary
    • Write a first person narrative
    • – Complete hands-on projects
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    This lapbook has been designed to give students a creative project to create about America’s Independence Day – the 4th of July!

    Students are given various lapbooking templates on a variety of topics. They will then research or read books about each, record what they have learned and add to their lapbook. These topics include…
    – Pledge of Allegiance
    – The American flag and winning independence
    – Founding fathers: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and others
    – American Symbols, the words ‘patriotic’ and ‘freedom’

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    High School American History 2 – Teacher’s Guide with Keys

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    This resource, The Intolerable Acts – U.S. History Notebooking Project, has been designed to aid students in creating a thorough and organized History project. If you want students to do a deeper dive into the ‘Coercive Acts’ passed by the British Parliament in response to the Boston Tea Party, this is the resource.

    See description below for more details!

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  • PowerPoint - Mayflower

    Give your students another way to learn about the Mayflower and the Pilgrim’s journey over to the New World! Perfect addition to your lesson plans if you are beginning a study on the founding of the 13 Colonies or during the month of November, leading up to Thanksgiving.

    In this 18 slide PPT presentation, students will learn about…

    • The Mayflower before the Pilgrims
    • The Pilgrims securing the Mayflower for the journey
    • About the ship itself
    • Life aboard the Mayflower
    • The arrival at Cape Cod
    • Did the Mayflower return to England?
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    This resource, The Intolerable Acts – US History Informational Text, will inform students of the British Parliament’s reaction to the Boston Tea Party…”5 laws” passed referred to by colonist as the Intolerable Acts:

    • The Boston Port Act
    • Massachusetts Government Act
    • Administration of Justice Act
    • The Quartering Act
    • The Quebec Act
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    This informational article will help students understand one of ‘taxes’ imposed upon the colonies by King George prior to the American Revolution. After reading, students will be questions to assess their comprehension of the material.

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    American History – Part 1 for High School (Student Textbook)


    • America from Exploration through Colonization
    • Road to Revolution
    • The Constitution and Early National Period
    • The Civil War and the Reconstruction Era
    • Westward Expansion (1840-1890)
    • Industrial America (1865-1925)
    • Problems in Industrial America
    • Becoming a World Power
    • U.S. Foreign Policy (1898-1933)
    • The Progressive Era (1890-1917)
    • World War 1 in Europe
    • The U.S. enters WW1
    • Peace after WW1
    • Prosperity after WW1
    • The Great Depression (1929-1932)
    • The New Deal (1933-1940)


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    Studies have shown that word search and other word puzzles can help improve memory, focus, vocabulary, word recognition, pattern recognition, and overall mental acuity! With this in mind, why not engage students in some brain exercises using these puzzles? Perfect to use while you are doing a unit on the Pony Express and the westward expansion of the United States.

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    American History – Part 2 for High School (Student Textbook)


    • Causes of WW2
    • WW2
    • Life in America during WW2
    • Cold War Conflicts (1945-1960)
    • Postwar America (1952-1060)
    • The New Frontier (1960-1963)
    • The Stormy Sixties
    • America in Turmoil (1968-1976)
    • America Seeks Answers (1976-1980)
    • The Republican Years (1980-1992)
    • The Clinton Years (1992-2000)
    • The New Millennuim
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  • Pony Express Mini-Unit for 4th, 5th - 6th grades

    Teach students about the Pony Express, a business that lasted just 18 months during the American Westward Expansion (1860-1861). In this cross-curricular resource, students will learn the how, when, where and why behind this mail delivery system which stretched from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California. They will also learn about the riders and horses that made it possible, how much it cost to use and how a new ‘telegraph’ system lead to the company’s closure.

    This is a true cross-curricular unit as students will learn U.S. History while engaging in Geography (map work), Language Arts (comprehension, writing, dictionary work, research) and Math (word problems) activities. There are 4 passages about the Pony Express which are the foundation for all activities. Answer Keys are provided.

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    I’ve created this shape book of Lincoln to be versatile and is perfect for any type of student-created writings about the 16th President of the United States!

    (See description below for details)

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    This unit is perfect for any study of the American Revolution!

    Designed for 4th-6th Grades.

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    This is a downloadable copy of the book. (358 pages)
    About the book: Published in 1905, Gettemy writes of Paul Revere’s midnight ride, his arrest, court-martial plus his ‘useful public services’. Paul Revere ( December 21, 1734 – May 10, 1818) was an American silversmith, engraver, early industrialist, and a patriot in the American Revolution. He is most famous for alerting the Colonial militia to the approach of British forces before the battles of Lexington and Concord, as dramatized in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, “Paul Revere’s Ride”. Revere was a prosperous and prominent Boston silversmith, who helped organize an intelligence and alarm system to keep watch on the British military. Revere later served as a Massachusetts militia officer, though his service culminated after the Penobscot Expedition, one of the most disastrous campaigns of the American Revolutionary War, for which he was absolved of blame. Following the war, Revere returned to his silversmith trade and used the profits from his expanding business to finance his work in iron casting, bronze bell and cannon casting, and the forging of copper bolts and spikes. Finally in 1800 he became the first American to successfully roll copper into sheets for use as sheathing on naval vessels.

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