Supporting Details


To be able to write a good paragraph, students need to be able to understand the relationship between the main idea and the details that support that idea. This resource has been designed to help students gain a solid understanding of supporting details by having them create them! In this 8 page resource, students will be guided through the process of learning to create the supporting details around a main idea.

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On worksheets 1-4 (Topics: Best Friends, Super Hero, Dream Job, Favorite Sport), students will be…

  • Guided to create a main idea through a question
  • Next, they will answer questions specifically about the main idea to guide them in writing details surrounding their main idea

On worksheets 5-6, (Topics: Dogs, Cats) students will be…

  • Guided to create a main idea (being asked if they think a (dog or cat) would make a good pet).
  • Next, they will be asked to give 4 reasons for why they answered the way they did. Suggested ‘ideas to think about’ are given.

On worksheet 7, students will be…

  • Asked to create their very own ‘topic’
  • Create a main idea around that topic
  • Write 4 supporting details around their main idea.

Worksheet #8 can be used multiple times. It is a “Time to Write” page where students are to take the information they created on the previous pages and write a paragraph using their main idea and supporting details!

Learning to CREATE supporting details will translate over to students being able to find them in their reading as well. 🙂


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