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Beavers | Reader and Activities


This 1st – 2nd Grade cross-curricular resource (Science, Language Arts, Art) is all about beavers and includes a READER and corresponding STUDENT ACTIVITIES! Students will learn about the beaver’s habitat, diet and how their own bodies help them survive! The reader is provided in both color and b/w.

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Sample excerpt from reader:

“This is a river. Many animals and plants live in and near the river. The beaver is one of the animals that is at home in the river. Where do beavers live? Do they live in the water or on the land? Let’s learn more about the beaver and watch them work. Perhaps we will find some answers. Beavers are builders. They build using mud, logs and sticks.” (Pages 1-2) This text is 2nd grade level. If using with first graders (depending on their ability), you may need to use as a read aloud to students.

Types of activities:

  • Drawing a beaver
  • Answering questions (4 worksheets) from the reader such as –
    – Where does a beaver live?
    – What is a beaver’s home called?
    – What two things do beavers build?
    – Name two ways beavers use their ‘paddle’ tail.
  • Spelling activity – Student will identify correctly 10 correctly spelled words from the text.
  • Identify (and color) the correct habitat from 3 given pictures
  • Label the parts of the beaver: tail, eyes, fur, ear, paw, teeth, nose

Suggested ideas:

  • Print and laminate the color reader
  • Use the b/w readers to give students their very own copies!



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