The Story of Doctor Dolittle (Hugh Lofting)


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About the book: The Story of Doctor Dolittle, (Being the History of His Peculiar Life at Home and Astonishing Adventures in Foreign Parts) (1920), written and illustrated by the British author Hugh Lofting, is the first of his Doctor Dolittle books, a series of children’s novels about a man who learns to talk to animals and becomes their champion around the world. It was one of the novels in the series which was adapted into the film Doctor Dolittle.

About the Author: Hugh John Lofting was an English author trained as a civil engineer, who created the classic children’s character of Doctor Dolittle. Dolittle first appeared in Lofting’s illustrated letters to his children, written from the British Army trenches in World War I. He travelled widely as a civil engineer, before enlisting in the Irish Guards regiment of the British Army to serve in the First World War. Not wishing to write to his children about the brutality of the war, he wrote imaginative letters which later became the foundation of the successful Doctor Dolittle novels for children.

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