Volcanoes | Interactive Science Notebook Project


Help your students become self-learners as the plan, research, organize and most of all…LEARN as they create their own Volcano notebook project. This cross-curricular resource has been designed to inspire and guide students through the learning and reporting process as they learn how volcanoes are formed, prediction of eruptions, types of volcanoes, where they are located and more.

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What this product includes:

  • Creating this Project Information / Instructional page
  • Supply list
  • Teacher pages: Evaluation rubric and assignment page
  • List of volcano related terms with definitions
  • Informational pages on volcanoes giving students information about how they are formed, types, predicting eruptions, locations, dangers of and what a volcanologist does
  • Cover page
  • Table of Contents
  • Project KWL
  • Vocabulary pages (full page and flap-interactive template)
  • Reference page (for students to record outside resources – students are to be encouraged to find outside resources beyond information provided within the resource.)
  • Full page templates to write reports. Some include pictures such as a cross-section of the inside of a volcano or a world map. Others will have titles that guide students writing such as “A Volcano named: ____”, “Three Famous Volcanoes”, “Volcanoes in Hawaii”, “National Park Volcanoes” and many others.
  • Volcanologist page for students to research and report things like…type of education needed and what places / organizations employ them.
  • Interactive templates – Often students prefer to use these over full page templates. Several are given!
  • A Time for Reflection – After the research and learning has come to an end, students are asked questions about their learning!

This product can be a standalone project or can be used along side your curriculum!


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