Word Wheels | -ut – un -um -ug -ump


This phonics, word families resource will help students create words using 5 word wheels ( -ut – un -um -ug -ump ). As students create new words, they can write each word on the included ‘Creating Words’ worksheet!

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Words that can be created on these wheels:

  1. -ut: shut, hut, strut, but, nut, cut, gut, rut
  2. -un: fun, pun, sun, bun, run, stun, shun, spun
  3. -um: gum, strum, hum, yum, sum, drum, plum, glum
  4. -ug: hug, shrug, bug, mug, slug, dug, rug, snug
  5. -ump: bump, dump, clump, jump, pump, chump, plump, stump


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