z 437 3rd Grade Unit3 Addition Subtraction 1000z 437 3rd Grade Unit3 Addition Subtraction 1000

Unit 3: Addition and Subtraction with 1,000 | 3rd Grade


In this unit, student work toward the goal of fluently adding and subtracting within 1,000. They will use mental strategies as well as learn algorithms based on place value. By the end of this unit, students will also use rounding to estimate answers to two-step problems and determine if answers are reasonable.

This resource includes both student and teacher materials.

Number of Lessons: 20 and 1 optional
Lesson Time: Approximately 60 minutes. Please note that each lesson is designed for one instructional block, and may be divided into shorter or longer segments based on teacher pacing and student needs.

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What you’ll find in this resource:

Lesson 1 Represent Numbers in Different Ways 1
Lesson 2 Addition and Subtraction Situations 4
Lesson 3 Add Your Way 8
Lesson 4 Introduction to Addition Algorithms 11
Lesson 5 Another Addition Algorithm 15
Lesson 6 Use Strategies and Algorithms to Add 19
Lesson 7 Subtract Your Way 25
Lesson 8 Subtraction Algorithms (Part 1) 29
Lesson 9 Subtraction Algorithms (Part 2) 32
Lesson 10 Subtraction Algorithms (Part 3) 36
Lesson 11 Analyze Subtraction Algorithms 39
Lesson 12 Subtract Strategically 42
Lesson 13 Multiples of 100 48
Lesson 14 Nearest Multiples of 10 and 100 52
Lesson 15 Round to the Nearest Ten and Hundred 56
Lesson 16 Round and Round Again 59
Lesson 17 Does It Make Sense? 62
Lesson 18 Diagrams and Equations for Word Problems 65
Lesson 19 Situations and Equations 68
Lesson 20 More Practice to Represent and Solve 71
Lesson 21 Classroom Supplies (optional) 75
Cumulative Practice Problems
Section A: Add Within 1,000 79
Section B: Subtract Within 1,000 86
Section C: Round Within 1,000 91
Section D: Solve Two-Step Problems

Earlier units in this series:

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