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  • $1.00

    11 animals that live in water – picture cards. Each card includes the type of animal, a short description and a picture to color.
    Animals included are:

    • – frog
    • – sea lion
    • – trout
    • – sea horse
    • – squid
    • – right whale
    • – bottlenose dolphin
    • – sea otter
    • – tiger shark
    • – green sea turtle
    • – sea snake
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  • $1.50

    Help students learn the differences (and similarities) between an alligator and a crocodile with this resource and have a cute 18 page mini-book to create and color!

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  • $4.00

    Butterfly Life Cycle Unit is a 49 page cross-curricular unit offering Language Arts, Science, Math and Art activities! By the end of your study, students will know all about the life cycle of the butterfly.

    What is included? Puzzles, posters, worksheets (for tracing, matching, coloring, and completing the life cycle), coloring pages, songs, life cycle mini-book (for students to complete) and even a craft project.

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  • $2.00

    This resource makes a fun, science center for early learners who are just learning to use a magnifying glass!

    Students will match cards (one with a large picture and one with a very small picture) using a magnifying glass. There are three sets of picture cards (12 matches in each set). Set categories: transportation, living things, fruit.

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  • $1.00

    This worksheet has been designed for students to complete after taking a walk! While they walk, remind them of their senses (specifically hearing, seeing, smelling and touching). Once the walk is over, students will complete this worksheet by drawing pictures of what they experienced through those four senses.

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  • $1.00

    Students learn best through hands-on learning. This solar eclipse activity has been designed to help students visualize a solar eclipse by creating a simple paper model of one.

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  • Parts of a Spider

    Help students learn the parts of a spider with this fun arachnid resource!  Students will learn the following parts: eyes, fangs, cephalothorax, abdomen, spinnerets, legs.


    • – Color poster
    • – 2 Worksheets – One for students to write and label, the other to cut and paste.
    • – 1 Science Center activity
    • – Nomenclature flashcards – Labeled
    • – Blank Cards for students to complete
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  • Life Cycle of a Ladybug - Beetle

    This cross-curricular (Science / Literacy Writing ) product will have students creating their very own mini-books detailing the life cycle of a ladybug!

    Knowledge students will learn: The book will begin by identifying a ladybug as a beetle. The students will then learn that the mother ladybug lays tiny yellow eggs in clusters under a leaf and continues as the larva hatches and begins to eat. What do ladybugs eat? Students will find out! They will also learn what the ladybug pupa looks like before attaching itself to a leaf for changes to begin. Finally, an adult ladybug will emerge!

    Students will:— read the text — draw a picture — write (copy) the written text

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  • $3.00
    Perfect unit for learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin.
    • B/W Life Cycle poster
    • Color Life Cycle poster
    • Word Wall Vocabulary
    • Sequencing cards
    • Life Cycle Worksheet (Cut-n-paste)
    • Life Cycle Vocabulary matching
    • Life Cycle Drawing
    • Life Cycle Shape Book activity
    • (Bonus Coloring page AND Pumpkin Seeds for counting)
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  • $1.50

    Studying penguins or perhaps animals of the arctic? This cute shape book is ready for students to use to publish there own stories, reports or poems about penguins!

    I’ve created pages with both dotted-dashed lines as well as single lines so that you can use what best fits the level of your students.

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