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    Excerpt from Paul Revere: The Torch Bearer of the Revolution

    It has been Wisely said that Time must lay a finger on events to make them into history. The further away we stand from certain pictures, the more distinct they appear. The events we read of in today’s newspaper are not history, but twenty years, or fifty, or a century hence, our descendants will pore over the musty, dusty files, and history will be born.Paul Revere never imagined that he was living in an epoch – making period; yet the story of his eventful life holds a fascination of its own, appealing strongly to the interest of readers, old and young. He stood for so much in the history of our country in those stirring Revolutionary times, that we cannot lightly pass over the many services he rendered to the cause of Liberty.

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    This is a historic book originally published in 1877.  It would be best used by High School students.

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    Studying Paul Revere, the American Revolution or famous people in American History? Here are three fun pages centered around Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride on which students can get creative!


    • – Coloring page
    • – A page for students to draw their own interpretation of Paul’s ride
    • – A page on which students will write what they believe each of the four people in the picture are either thinking or saying.
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