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    9 flash cards – ASL signs for colors

    Includes signs for: yellow, white, red, purple, orange, green, brown, blue and black

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  • ASL signs for food - american sign language

    25 flash cards – ASL signs for food related words

    Includes signs for: apple, bacon, beef, berry, biscuit, bologna, bread, breakfast, burger, butter, cake, candy, carrot, cereal, cheese, chicken, chocolate, cook, corn, cracker dessert, dinner, dressings, drink, eat, egg, fries, grape, gum, hot dog, lunch, nut, onion, pizza, pop, rice, vegetable

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  • ASL Fingerspelling Flash Cards

    Help students learn to fingerspell (American Sign Language) using these letter – hand sign flash cards!

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  • ASL Signs for People and Family

    23 flash cards – ASL signs for people and family

    Includes signs for: uncle, teacher, mom, son, man, grandson, grandmother, grandfather, granddaughter, grandchild, father, girl, family, daughter, cousin, children, child, brother, boy, best friend, baby, aunt, adult

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  • ASL Flash Cards - Animal Names

    25 flash cards – ASL signs for animal names

    Includes signs for: alligator, ant, bat, bear, beaver, butterfly, cat, bird, bunny, cow, deer, dog, elephant, fish, giraffe, horse, lion, monkey, octopus, penguin, tiger, zebra, seal and snake

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