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  • Using Graphic Ogranizers to compare and contrast

    The skill of being able to compare and contrast effectively is extremely important throughout subjects: Literature, Science and Social Studies. Comparing and contrasting is necessary for interaction with the environment. Finding differences and/or similarities helps students organize both new and known information. Students need to be able to note differences and similarities between or among objects, ideas, entities, concepts, events, etc..

    This resource includes: 2 posters, an introduction to a Venn diagram and 25 student activity pages. Once you use this resource with your students, they will have mastered the ability to compare and contrast!

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  • Comparing Insects using Venn Diagram - Science

    Here are 2 ready to use Venn Diagram Science activities for students to use to compare 2 or 3 insects. On each, students will list the insects they will compare and contrast, draw a picture of each and then complete the Venn Diagram.

    Extend the activity by asking students to write a paragraph or short report about their discoveries!

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