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  • chore charts for kids

    Keep your family organized with these perpetual weekly and monthly chore charts! This product includes multiple charts so you can find the perfect one for your family. Whether you have only one child or ten, this product will give you what you need to keep track of everyone and your children will love them too.

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  • Organization - Family Calendar

    Keep your family organized with these perpetual family weekly and monthly calendars! Stop buying calendars every year as you can use these weekly and monthly calendars year after year.

    For use with small or large families (up to eight family members).

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  • $3.00

    Help your students tell about themselves in this fun, ‘Get to know me’ activity – All About Me! Includes materials to create separate activities for boys and girls. Use for Back to School or anytime!


    • Instructions for Teacher
    • Student Instructions
    • 3 optional folder covers
    • Materials for boy folder
    • Materials for girl folder
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  • All about My Family | Celebration Activities

    A great ‘getting to know you‘ resource, these celebration of family activities can also be used when students are learning more about their own families. Through sharing of completed sections of the unit, students can learn more about their classmates and begin to celebrate how families are similar and different!

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  • $2.25

    Do your students know what the most popular U.S. Thanksgiving traditions are? If not, check out this fun presentation with 9 informational slides!

    Great to use as a conversation starter, a writing starter or a fun holiday classroom party.

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