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    Let’s Learn Spanish: Animal Names has 21 cards to use as flash cards or on a word wall. Each card gives the animal name and has a cute animal picture designed to help students make a connection between the word and the animal it names!

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  • Spanish Posters | Weather and Home

    2 colorful posters for your elementary Spanish or ESL classroom which include weather and home vocabulary. I include posters with and without English translations.

    Weather terms: sun, wind, rain, snow, lightning, tornado
    Home terms: window, door, stairs, couch, bed, chair

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  • Beginning Spanish Flash Cards

    Flash cards for those just beginning their Spanish learning journey.
    There are 24 words/phrases such as:

    • – I speak (a little) Spanish
    • – Do you speak English?
    • – what
    • – where
    • – how
    • – I have a problem

    For your convenience, I’ve included two versions for you: color and b/w.

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  • Classroom Posters - Spanish Numbers 0-10

    Spanish number posters (0-10)

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  • Beginning Spanish mini-posters

    Mini-posters for those just beginning their Spanish learning journey.
    There are 18 words/phrases such as:

    • – dad
    • – mom
    • – thank you
    • – hello
    • – How are you?
    • – sorry


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  • Beginning Spanish Number posters 11-20

    Spanish number posters (11-20)

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    16 Body Parts
    Each in Spanish and English -Use as flash cards or use as a fun, memory game.

    Body Parts: nose, ears, eyes, mouth, hair, head, arm, leg, hand, fingers, toes, foot, elbow, knee, teeth, body

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