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    • Let’s Practice Grammar includes over 150 pages of fun worksheets for students to practice and demonstrate their understanding of a variety of important grammar skills and concepts!
      Compound Words

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    Two worksheets (with answer keys) to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of subject-verb agreement in simple sentences. Students will identify and circle the correct form of the verb ‘be’ as well as forms of other verbs such as see/saw, leave/left/drink/drank, win/won, sit/sat, write/wrote.

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  • $3.25

    These worksheets are designed for students just learning about pronouns as well as those that are ready to show what they know! Three types of pronouns are covered: subject, object and possessive. Use of this resource will give students practice in recognizing, recalling, and using each type of pronoun.

    Includes: 10 student worksheets + answer keys

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    Help students learn about pronouns! These colorful grammar posters will teach students about pronouns, giving definitions and examples of personal, subject, object, possessive, reflexive, demonstrative and interrogative pronouns.

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    Display these colorful grammar posters and help students learn and understand eight parts of speech: verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns and interjections.

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  • $3.00

    This Noun Classroom Poster Set resource provides 9 FUN, COLORFUL posters with a Zoo theme! Each poster defines the given type of noun.

    Includes a poster for each of the following:

    • noun
    • common noun
    • proper noun
    • singular noun
    • plural noun
    • possessive noun
    • concrete noun
    • collective noun
    • compound noun

    See description below for suggested uses.

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  • Learning to divide words into syllables - rules and helps

    Why teach about syllables? Dividing words into parts, or “chunks” helps speed the process of decoding. Knowing the rules for syllable division can students read words more accurately and fluently. Understanding syllables can also help students learn to spell words correctly. This resource will help your students learn to divide words into syllables!

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  • Easter Language Arts Unit with Vocabulary

    Help your students learn and practice using new vocabulary words during March and April with a fun, Easter themed resource which contains a variety of Language Arts skills throughout including grammar, spelling, alphabetizing, using words in context, sentence writing and more. (Includes some differentiated activities)

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  • $6.50

    Display these COLORFUL posters in your classroom to aid students in learning (and practicing) proper writing technique!

    Download includes 42 posters:
    – 4 sentence types
    – 12 capitalization rules
    – 6 apostrophe rules
    – 9 comma rules
    – 5 quotation mark rules
    – 6 semi-colon rules

    See description below for suggested uses.

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  • $1.50

    7 Posters that will guide students through the rules of dividing words into syllables!

    Example: The first poster tells students to first check for prefixes and suffixes and to divide these from the root word. Next, the students are told to check for multiple consonants together between vowels and then how to proceed.

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  • $4.00

    This unit will teach and give students practice in identifying and writing four types of sentences:

    • declarative
    • exclamatory
    • imperative
    • interrogative


    • – Posters
    • – 16 Worksheets
    • – Answer keys
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  • $3.00

    Thanksgiving Vocabulary Activities has over 90 vocabulary words with activities including: parts of speech, types of nouns, prefixes, suffixes, antonyms, synonyms, poetry and more. Pages contain colorful, cute Thanksgiving themed clipart!

    ** Students are sure to have fun while they’re learning! **

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  • $2.50

    This resource can be used as 3 posters or 12 bookmarks and will help students remember the rules for plural nouns.

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  • $1.50

    Susan B Anthony – Proofreading Activity will provide your students with both historical information about this famous American as well as give them practice in proofreading and correcting the mistakes found within the informational text!

    Through the text, students will learn about her childhood, her work as an Abolitionist, her involvement in the Temperance movement and how she was eventually honored. Within the text, students will find a variety of errors including misspelling, misuse or non-use of apostrophes, capitalization and punctuation.

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  • $4.99

    This 78 page word meaning resource will provide your students with hours of practice matching Antonyms and Synonyms through fun Winter themed activities. These materials can be used to create engaging centers (with “Go Fish” and “Concentration” games) as well as you can create an interactive, manipulative bulletin boards with the Mitten Match and Hat-in-Scarf Match!

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