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  • Thomas Edison - Electric Light

    A Day in History – Investigation Station is a series of fun sleuthing research and writing activities based on a single event on a specific day in history! This resource focuses on the day that Thomas Edison invented a practical electric light for home use!

    Students will learn about an event and be given several topics from which to choose to ‘investigate’. After some exploration, students are asked to write what they have discovered and name used sources.

    So…with each lesson, students will:
    ▪ (Read) Learn one ‘On this Day in History’ fact.
    ▪ (Investigate) Take a related topic and explore it through the use of different forms of media (i.e. books, internet).
    ▪ (Write) Summarize and write what they have discovered. This also should include the recording of sources.

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    This is a downloadable copy of the book. (128 pages)
    About the book: This is a 1921 work for young adults (14+) Steven is a young man who when subject to peer pressure takes his friends to the next town in his families touring car. He does not have a license but has driven a bit with is dad at his side. Things don’t work out as planned and there are some difficulties. He manages to get the car home without being discovered, but somehow the “right” time to confess is lost repeatedly. This moral challenge is the back drop to a series of discussions by by his father on the history of steam engines and trains, followed by discussions by a family friend on steam boating.

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