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    Students will love this hands-on resource designed to create a fun Mink Lapbook!

    Includes Lapbooking instructions, templates to use as they record what they know or are learning about minks, (such as where they live, the types, size, predators, diet and more) and a lapbooking rubric.

    Designed to use with multiple age / grade levels.

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    Planning a study on the mink? Minks are dark-colored, semiaquatic, carnivorous mammals of the genera Neogale and Mustela and part of the family Mustelidae! If you are planning to have students study the mink, help them be creative by providing them with these pages to create a report on the mink.

    When is a good time to introduce such a project? Perhaps when you are studying semiaquatic habitats or carnivorous mammals! This is a cross-curricular resource that will require students to research and learn about the life of a mink (science), record and write what they have learned (language arts) and complete map work (geography).

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  • Hedgehog Life Cycle

    This hedgehog resource has been designed to help early learners (PreK – Kindergarten) to learn about the life cycle of a hedgehog! It includes a life cycle poster, a hands-on activity that can be used with students at different levels and several worksheets. These worksheets will have students coloring, tracing words and drawing!

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    Studying marine animals? Whales perhaps? If so, your students will love the student-centered, hands-on, cross-curricular project! During this project on whales, your students will learn about about these majestic creations of the oceans. Students will read and research, report and create…and have FUN all at the same time.

    Some questions they will answer: What do whales eat? How do they eat? What are the different types of whales? Do whales have calls? What type of threats are there to their survival?

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  • Groundhog Day Unit - Worksheets

    Celebrate Groundhog Day this February and help student practice important Language Arts and Math skills while learning fun facts about these little mammals also know as the woodchuck! Students will practice handwriting skills, syllable work, critical thinking, sentence writing, predicting and graphing and learn the parts of groundhog and fun facts such as groundhogs are also known as woodchucks, how long they live, where they live (habitat), what they eat and more!

    Read the below description for more information on this Groundhog Day resource or see a preview here!

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    Studying bats? Here is a resource that will allow students to create a beautiful project that will show off what they’ve learned. This 49 page project unit includes…

    • – Explanation page about creating a notebooking project
    • – Suggested supply list
    • – Evaluation rubric
    • – Assignment page
    • – Table of contents pages
    • – Vocabulary & Reference pages
    • – Project KWL
    • – Notebooking pages
    • – Fold-able templates
    • – Bat pictures
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