Groundhog Day Unit - WorksheetsGroundhog Day Unit - Worksheets

Groundhog Day Unit | Cross-Curricular


Celebrate Groundhog Day this February and help student practice important Language Arts and Math skills while learning fun facts about these little mammals also know as the woodchuck! Students will practice handwriting skills, syllable work, critical thinking, sentence writing, predicting and graphing and learn the parts of groundhog and fun facts such as groundhogs are also known as woodchucks, how long they live, where they live (habitat), what they eat and more!

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– Several handwriting pages are included. These range from writing the word, groundhog, writing associated vocabulary and a one page explanation of ‘Phil’ and how he predicts the weather based on his shadow. Handwriting copy work pages are in two styles (differentiated) – manuscript and cursive.
– A couple comprehension worksheets for students to complete based on the ‘Phil’ passage
– Several ‘guided questions’ writing pages for students to answer questions, make predictions, and give their opinions.
– A couple themed writing paper for students to use for creative writing or reports.
– Group predictions worksheet to graph student predictions
– Labeled ‘parts of a groundhog’ poster (or) coloring page
– Syllable worksheets (using related vocabulary)
– Science learning page about the lives of groundhogs
– Comprehension worksheet to be used with the Science learning page
– Art page for students to draw a groundhog and a groundhog’s burrow
– Vocabulary Word Search
– Paper bag puppet template

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