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    About the Author: John Alexander Hill was a co-founder of the McGraw-Hill Book Company, the predecessor corporation of today’s McGraw-Hill Education

    Table of Contents
    An Engineer’s Christmas Story …7
    The Clean Man and the Dirty Angels …27
    Jim Wainwright’s Kid… 45
    A Peg-legged Romance… 75
    My Lady of the Eyes… 97
    Some Freaks of Fate… 151
    Mormon Joe, the Robber… 191
    A Midsummer Night’s Trip… 227
    The Polar Zone… 253

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  • Chasing An Iron Horse ; Or, A Boy's Adventures In The Civil War

    Story-line: The story is about an adolescent drummer boy named George Knight and his dog Waggie during the Civil War. Together this pair joins a group of Union soldiers who make their way deep into southern territory, as spies, to overtake and steal a train. Their intent is to drive the train north, burning railroad bridges on their way back to their own lines. The story addresses courage, honor, dignity between combatants, and ends with a nation re-united.Written in 1902.

    It is based on a true story, that journalizes the penetration, techniques of survival, attack, escape and evasion, and the complete details of the raid. (Suggested for 7th-12th Grades)

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  • The Young Railroaders downloadable book

    This is a downloadable copy of the book.
    Story line: Three teen-age boys, trained as telegraphers, manage to get themselves in and out of a wide variety of harrowing circumstances. Using their knowledge of Morse code, the science of telegraphs, and the operation of railroads, the boys stir in native resourcefulness, quick-thinking, and when the occasion demands it, raw courage – to effect rescues, thwart thieves, and solve mysteries. 

    Excerpt from the book: “When, after school that afternoon, Alex Ward waved a good-by to his father, the Bixton station agent for the Middle Western, and set off up the track on the spring’s first fishing, he had little thought of exciting experiences ahead of him. Likewise, when two hours later a sudden heavy shower found him in the woods, with but three small fish, it was only with feelings of disappointment that he wound up his line and ran for the shelter. Scarcely had Alex reached the doorway of the deserted house when he was startled by a chorus of excited voices from the rear. He turned quickly to a window, and with a cry sprang back out of sight. Emerging from the woods, excitedly talking and gesticulating, was a party of foreigners who had been working on the track near Bixton, and in their midst, his hands bound behind him, was Hennessy, their foreman…”

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    This is a downloadable copy of the book. (400 pages)
    About the book: An English railroad expert surveys the history and practice of railroading in America – published in 1910, two years after sales of the Model T begin. The book sketches the history and goes into considerable detail about operations at the turn of the twentieth century. (Reading Level: High School)


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    This is a downloadable copy of the book. (74 pages)
    About the book: The building of the first transcontinental railroad was one of the great works of man. Its promoters were men of small means and little or no financial backing outside of the aid granted them by the Government. It took nerve and good Yankee grit to undertake and carry out the project. Bailey attempts to give an accurate portrayal of the process.

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