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    10 word problem worksheets for students to add and subtract numbers 1 to 20! Each worksheet includes 3 word problems and requires students to illustrate each addition and subtraction problem showing their understanding of the concepts. Answer Keys included.

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  • Simple Compound Interest Worksheets

    This consumer math resource has been designed to help teach students and give them the practice they need to master the concepts taught.

    The first two pages will explain interest (simple and compound) and give students the formulas they will need to solve the word problems. There are 60 word problems in all. 3 sets of 10 simple interest problems and 3 sets of 10 compound interest problems. Answer keys are provided.

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  • Multiplying Fractions Word Problems

    Help students develop their math word problem skills and practice solving multiplying fractions all at the same time! This resources provides ten (10) ready to use, print and go worksheets each with 12 word problems for a total of 120 problems (answer keys provided).

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    Students will have a great deal of practice solving division word problems as this resource includes 96 problems designed for 4th-5th grades.

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    Christmas Math for 2nd and 3rd Grades is a large download with 76 student pages! Great for math centers, seat work, cooperative learning and/or fun holiday related homework. (Although this unit was designed for 2nd and 3rd grades, it would work wonderful for advanced 1st grade or remedial 4th grade!)

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