4th of July Lapbook | Independence Day


This lapbook has been designed to give students a creative project to create about America’s Independence Day – the 4th of July!

Students are given various lapbooking templates on a variety of topics. They will then research or read books about each, record what they have learned and add to their lapbook. These topics include…
– Pledge of Allegiance
– The American flag and winning independence
– Founding fathers: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and others
– American Symbols, the words ‘patriotic’ and ‘freedom’

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Lapbooking projects can be student directed or teacher directed. They give students the ability to be creative while organizing and presenting information on a selected topic. 

Benefits of using lapbooks

  • * Lapbooks are a great way for children to review and help remember the information you are teaching them or that they are learning at school. They encourage your children to find the information they are looking for; not just hand it to them. Studies have also proven that when children are given hands on activities to learn while they study they will retain more information. Lapbooks do exactly that; they help them retain the information they are learning.
  • * Lapbooks are a great way for children and students to keep a close eye on what they are learning. With a lapbook you keep track of the major concepts you learn with each unit or theme (depending on how you make them) and your child can see the progress they are making and how much they have learned. This will help them stay motivated to keep working on their projects.
  • * Lapbooks are extremely developmentally appropriate for all different ages and all different learning styles. Lapbooks can be custom made to meet the needs of a child with a learning disability or a child that is exceptionally bright and gifted in a certain area.
  • * Creating a lapbook helps children learn many different skills that they will need. For younger children they can learn how to cut and paste pictures, do a little research and even some sequencing. For older children they can learn how to do some serious research, gain some computer skills, take notes, and learn some important writing skills. Children can also learn how to organize their work in an orderly manner and how to present the material in a good way.


My Teaching Library offers several other lapbooks for students! Here are a few examples:


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