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Pony Express Publishing Paper


Help students get the most of any study on American Westward Expansion and the Pony Express! This resource provide themed pages that students can use to record information from class lessons, textbook reading or from their own research! Inspiring student creativity and productivity are the reasons behind the designing of this product. These pages are ready to use and flexible!

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How to use:

  • -Have students record information from class lectures or text reading. These pages can help organize information as it is being learned and aid students in studying. If you use history interactive notebooks or journals in your classroom, they can add the pages.
  • -Assign fun, creative projects such as writing a poem or a ‘letter home’ from a pony express rider who left the east coast to pursue his new career. Students can use the pages to publish their work
  • -Have students complete their own research and use the pages to report their findings. There are specific pages that will give them maps to work with and a place to create a timeline of events.


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