A Guide for the Study of Animals


This is a downloadable copy of the book. (138 pages)
About the book: A Guide for the Study of Animals is a classic zoology guide (1911) which is intended for pupils in 9th-12th grades. It was prepared by the authors at the request of the Biology Round Table, an association composed of the teachers of Biology in the Chicago High Schools. The book is basically a Biology / Zoology Lab activity guide.  Please note that this is not a ‘textbook’ but a lab activity book.  (See description for further details.)

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Chapter 1 begins with “Introductory Studies of Living Animals” which has lab activities for: the fly, maggot, cockroach, spider, cricket, grasshopper, butterfly/moth, caterpillar, beetle, damsel fly larva, plant lice, and water bugs. In each activity you’ll be given a list of the materials you need, observations to make and questions to answer.

Example: Caterpillar
Materials: Living caterpillars for individual study
Observation: Students will be given a set of things to specifically observe on the caterpillar
Questions (small sample):
– Give the general color of your specimen and explain how this color may make it conspicuous or may aid is concealment.
– Describe the outer surface or covering of the caterpillar. What structures, if any, are there which might make the animal distasteful or inedible?
– How many pairs of legs are there? How are they distributed along the body? Counting the segments, state which ones bear no legs.

Chapters in the book will cover topics such as:
– insects
– connection between structure and function (protozoa / sponges/ earthworms_
– protection from enemies (clams / snails / squid)
– vertebrates (fish / reptiles)

…and much more.

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