science lapbooking - antsscience lapbooking - ants

Ants | Hands-on Insect Science


Students love studying insects and the ‘common’ ant may not be seem so common after this unit! Ants have some unique capabilities and there are more than 10,000 known ant species around the world. This resource is an interactive, hands-on Science project that will engage your classroom in student centered learning.

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During the process, students will learn about

  • – Life Cycle of an Ant
  • – Types of ants
  • – Social structure of an Ant Colony
  • – Food and Habitat of Ants
  • – Ant Communication
  • – Ant Predators
  • – Positive and Negative Ecosystem Impact of Ants
  • – Anatomy of the Ant…and more!

After completion, students will have a beautiful 3D project to keep. Projects can be individual or you can assign as a cooperative learning activity.


  • Informational text about ants (life of the ant, communication, food, appearance, anatomy, habitat and more)
  • Posters and diagrams of life cycle and ant anatomy
  • Flash cards of 15 different types of ants (pics and information)
  • Fun fact cards
  • Suggested vocabulary (with definitions)
  • Templates for project
  • Template instructions / Project instructions


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