State Bird Notebooking Mega BUNDLE


This BIG BUNDLE contains over 700 pages! Each state has 14 pages designed for students to write, draw and express what they are learning and/or have learned about each state bird.

(This resource is a large resource and will be downloaded in a zip file.)

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** Cross-curricular learning at it’s best. ** ​
– Language Arts: reading, research and writing (Students will be expected to search out informational text to learn about each state bird. Multiple pages are giving for students to report what they have learned. Some pages include sections for drawing. Also included: Pages designed to be used for different age groups.)
– Science: Scientific classification (A page is included for each state to list the Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species. Also a full coloring page is included if you’d like students to label the parts of each bird.)
– Social Studies: Geography (2 map pages – One to identify the state and one for students to show everywhere in the U.S. the bird lives as well as any migration)

What this download included:
* 700 notebooking pages (14 for each state)
* 14 ‘How to’ and project organization pages

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