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August Writing Prompts Journal


This Monthly Writing Prompts Journal is for the month of August and has been designed to help students think, create and express their own ideas and opinions on a variety of topics.

There is a separate journal page for each day of the month that provides students with writing prompt. Some prompts a light-hearted while others are designed to make students critically think about issues, values, etc.

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Here are two examples:

August 11th – (August is Inventors Month)
Some things that humans need, like fire, were discovered bu many of the activities we perform daily are made possible by an invention (like matches). Look around you. Almost everything you see was invented. Someone though of an easier or better way to do something and that person is an inventor. Imagine that your name is Pat Ented. You are a famous inventor! Today you will share with the world your greatest invention of all time! It is something that will make everyone’s daily life easier. What is it?

August 17th – (International Lighthouse Day)
Lighthouses help boats to see when they are close to the shore. They prevent accidents. They are also a beautiful part of our history. Have you ever been to a lighthouse? Would you like to go to one? What do you think it would be like to live in a lighthouse?

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