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March Writing Prompts Journal


This Monthly Writing Prompts Journal is for the month of March and has been designed to help students think, create and express their own ideas and opinions on a variety of topics.

There is a separate journal page for each day of the month that provides students with writing prompt. Some prompts a light-hearted while others are designed to make students critically think about issues, values, etc.


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Here are two examples:
March 3rd – (Star Spangled Banner became the U.S. national anthem)
The Star Spangled Banner was written during the Revolution, but it didn’t become the national anthem until 1931. Some people think that it’s a great anthem. Other people think that it isn’t. What do you think? If we were to change the national anthem, what would you want to have instead? Or would you not want to change it, no matter what?

March 24th – (Tuberculosis bacillus discovered)
In 1882, a German scientist named Robert Koch isolated the bacillus that cased tuberculosis. Tuberculosis still kills about two million people annually worldwide. However, this discovery enabled scientist to fight this disease, which can be vaccinated against, and cured. If you could cure one disease, what would it be? Why would you choose to cure that disease?

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