stages of a butterfly - high school biologystages of a butterfly - high school biology

Biology Visual Diagrams and Worksheets | Stages of a Butterfly


This Science / Biology resource provides diagrams (posters) and worksheets for 3 stages of a butterfly’s life cycle: caterpillar, chrysalis, adult. Each diagram is labeled and comes with 2 worksheets (1 with a picture and students will label each part; 1 for students to draw and label their own diagrams).

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What parts are labeled for each stage?

  • caterpillar: head, thorax, simple eye, mandible, walking leg, abdominal segment, proleg, anal proleg
  • chrysalis: cremaster, abdomen, spiracle, wing, metathorax, mesothorax, antenna, prothorax
  • adult butterfly: forewing, hind wing, cell, wing vein, thorax, head, antenna, labial palp, compound eye, proboscis, foreleg, middle leg, hind leg, abdomen, spiracle


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