Willow Ptarmigan Unit coverWillow Ptarmigan Unit cover

Bird of the Arctic – Willow Ptarmigan


Bird of the Arctic – Willow Ptarmigan is a cross-curricular resource (Reading, Writing, Science and Geography) that you can use as a stand alone product or as a supplement to related thematic and/or unit studies. Great to use if you are studying: Habitats, Arctic animals, Alaska, Birds, State birds, Ornithology

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What this resource includes:
– A poster showing a color photograph (that I took myself in Alaska) of a male willow ptarmigan and a range map
– Informational Text about the bird (2 levels included)
– A variety of worksheets for students to use such as…
* a worksheet to document where in North America the willow ptarmigan can be
found and what the student has learned about the bird.
* a cloze (fill-in-the-blank) worksheet
* a worksheet for students to identify and write about this bird as the state bird of
* a scientific classification worksheet
* a worksheet for students to detail various facts about the ptarmigan such as
habitat, diet, reproduction and more
* expository writing pages
* a crossword puzzle
* coloring pages

Answer Keys Provided



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