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    In this unit study, students will learn how 8 different animals (4 different habitats) use many of their body parts to live and survive. For each animal, students will be given a fact sheet, a short answer worksheet and a worksheet on which they will label and describe the specific body parts and how they are used.

    Animals covered in this unit are:
    – Desert Habitat: Camel, Fennec Fox
    – Grasslands: Black-footed Ferret, Bison
    – Tropical Rainforest: Sloth, Toucan
    – Tundra: Polar Bear, Arctic Wolf


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    A fun to create, Science mini-book teaching students how different animals use their body parts as tools to live and survive! Once students finish creating this 10 page mini-book, they will be able to give examples of how 7 animals use their body parts to get nourished, move within its environment and even stay protected from predators!

    Animals included in this project are the cheetah, bat, loggerhead turtle, badger, kangaroo, deer and tundra swan. There is also a image of a wolf with showing various body parts often used to accomplish an animal’s survival.

    Students will color, draw and write to complete the book.

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    This unit on habitats and the animals that live in each is an interactive learning unit that allows students to be hands-on and create a beautiful project be the completion of the study! Use as a mini-course, in a Science center or in conjunction with any other habitat study. Also, perfect to use for informational text studies!

    Use the complete unit (or) use only parts of it. Designed for 1st – 3rd grades so it has been designed to work well with multiple ages/grades.

    Comes in both black/white pages as well as color (so you decide if you want to print using color ink or not as well as if you want your students to color or not).

    See included habitats and animals in description below.

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    Combine a fun Valentine’s Day craft activity with Math graphing using this February, heart themed resource!

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  • Endangered Species

    This cross-curricular (Language Arts – Science) informational article has been designed to help students gain a better understanding of why some animals in our world are endangered. The article will list causes such the need for more land and food for humans as well as pollution and hunting. Students will also be given several examples of animals from around the world that are in danger and what we need to learn in order to make plans to help them survive.

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  • Articles a - an - centers

    Make learning and practicing grammar fun with Grammar Games! ⭐This Language Arts download includes a poster explaining the correct usage of the articles ‘a’ and ‘an’, and two different center activities. I have several grammar game editions –

    This set comes includes:

    • Grammar poster
    • 2 different sets of 12 picture cards both with matching article cards
    • Instructions and Answer Keys
    • Optional ‘What’s in your Zoo?” activity set
    • Worksheets for both sets of picture cards

    his one is the Animal Set edition.

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    Studying birds? Ornithology? Perhaps you are simply looking for coloring pages of beautiful birds? Here is a resource that would be a good addition to your classroom. Some of the birds included: American Kestrel, Nighthawk, Mourning Dove, Barn Swallow, White-breasted Nuthatch, Blue Jay, Cardinal, Baltimore Oriole and many, many more!

    *** 80 coloring pages, each with a different North American species! ***

    Each page features a large b/w illustration of one bird and the type of bird that is displayed.

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  • Learning about Reideer - Cross Curricular Unit

    Engaging, cross-curricular unit all about reindeer!


    • – Informational Text and worksheet (true/false)
    • – Vocabulary work
    • – Acrostic poetry
    • – Venn diagrams
    • – Map work
    • – Reindeer anatomy
    • – Mini-Book creation
    • – Word Search


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  • Life cycle of a frog worksheets

    This 1st / 2nd Grade Science resource provides posters, handouts and center activities to help students learn about the life cycle of a frog! Seven stages are shown and pages come in color and b/w.

    Easy to use and differentiated (Based on student ability – Easiest: Color the life cycle / Medium: Color, cut and paste the life cycle / Hardest: Draw the life cycle)

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    This resource contains everything your students need to complete it. No need to do additional research, although this should be encouraged. So whether you are looking for a completely self-contained unit or one that allows for in-depth study, this is it…Snow Goose Lapbook Unit!

    Students will study all aspects of the Snow Goose’s life, vocabulary related to the informational reading contained within the unit, complete map work and more.

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  • Willow Ptarmigan Unit cover

    Bird of the Arctic – Willow Ptarmigan is a cross-curricular resource (Reading, Writing, Science and Geography) that you can use as a stand alone product or as a supplement to related thematic and/or unit studies. Great to use if you are studying: Habitats, Arctic animals, Alaska, Birds, State birds, Ornithology

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