Hanukkah related vocabularyHanukkah related vocabulary

Hanukkah Vocabulary


Studying the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah? You’ll want your students to know holiday related vocabulary terms and this resource will provide definitions and word activities for 16 words.

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  1. dreidel
  2. Kislev
  3. latke
  4. menorah
  5. miracle
  6. temple
  7. candle
  8. festival
  9. gimel
  10. hallel
  11. shin
  12. kugel
  13. celebration
  14. candelabra
  15. sundown
  16. tradition


  1. Student handout of terms and definitions
  2. Matching word and definitions worksheet
  3. Crossword puzzle (word with definitions)
  4. Word scramble
  5. Word search

Answer Keys included.


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