The Intolerable Acts – US History Informational Text


This resource, The Intolerable Acts – US History Informational Text, will inform students of the British Parliament’s reaction to the Boston Tea Party…”5 laws” passed referred to by colonist as the Intolerable Acts:

  • The Boston Port Act
  • Massachusetts Government Act
  • Administration of Justice Act
  • The Quartering Act
  • The Quebec Act

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After students read one page of informational text, their comprehension and understand will be assessed through multiple choice and short answer questions. The lesson is then further extended by two short essay questions in which students are asked to give their own opinions when relating the the issues of punishment and fairness to their own lives.


  • The Coleman-Liau Index: 9 – Grade level: Ninth Grade
  • The SMOG Index: 10.4 – Grade level: Tenth Grade
  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 11.3 – Grade level: Eleventh Grade.

Suggested uses:

  • Use as mini-lessons while studying British rule of the Colonies
  • Use for test prep when preparing for standardized tests
  • Place in a sub-folder
  • Give as homework


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