Z 337 John the Apostle people of the bible coverZ 337 John the Apostle people of the bible cover

John – The Apostle | Notebooking Pages


John the Apostle was one of Jesus’ closest friends and a leader of the early church. He was a fisherman, follower and disciple of Jesus, wrote 5 books of the New Testament and was martyred. As students study John, they can use these beautifully designed pages to create a lasting project detailing what they have learned. (Video Preview)

What’s included:

  • – 11 notebooking pages specifically created for a study of John, the Apostle. They will be asked to answer questions such as the meaning of his name, who he was, give life events, write about his character, his contributions to the Bible, memorable verses, notable interactions with others and more.
  • – A list of links that may be used for research during study
  • – 10 pages to help provide guidance, structure and organization to the project

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How to use this unit:

There are 2 ways that these notebooking pages can be used:

  • Use with your own existing curriculum, choosing templates for students to use to extract, organize and report what is being taught and learned.
  • Use for independent or group study outside of an already existing curriculum. Suggested links are given within this resource to help students find needed information.

Notebooking projects can be teacher directed (or) student directed.


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