Joseph | Notebooking Stories in Genesis


Here is a resource that will give students a chance to create a beautiful project when studying the Genesis stories on the life of Joseph. Templates are included for Jacob & Esau and Isaac’s blessing.

Notebooking is a coined term for what can also be referred to as educational journaling or scrapbooking. This type of project is designed to capture student knowledge as well as personal reflections of what has been learned.


  • – Creating a Notebooking Project – What is notebooking?
  • – Supply list
  • – Teacher pages
  • – Student organizational pages
  • – Templates (18 different)

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Please note: This resource does not contain text of the story or any informational text. It is purely designed to give students the templates and organizational pages needed to write about and create a project to demonstrate what they’ve learned either through curriculum you already have on hand or through research.

Notebooking projects can be teacher directed or student directed.


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