phonics - vowel sounds - digraphs - diphthongs - r-controlledphonics - vowel sounds - digraphs - diphthongs - r-controlled

Phonics Posters | Vowels 2


This poster set will help students learn vowel sounds which are digraphs, diphthongs and r-controlled. Each poster has fun, colorful pictures to represent words with each vowel sound!
Includes posters for the following vowel combinations: ai, ee, ie, oa, oe, ue, ea, ou, au, ow, oo, oi, oy, ew, aw, aw, ar, or, ir, ur, er
See description below for suggested uses.

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Suggested uses:
  • Create a Vowel Sound Bulletin Board using the posters. Switch out posters as needed if you are concentrating on either short or long sounds…or use all at once!
  • Use within your Literacy / Language Arts Center.

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