Spring Vocabulary Word Wall


Display these 59 Spring vocabulary words for students and they can be a springboard to numerous learning activities! (See description below for some ideas.)


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Ideas on how to use words in this resource:

    • – Write definitions and sentences using each word.
    • – Create a short story using as many words as they can.
    • – Choose 3-5 words and create a fun Haiku poem using the words.
    • – Create a Spring shape poem using as many words as they can.
    • – Create their own word search puzzle or crossword puzzle using 10 or more of the words.
    • – Create a Science based report on Spring using as many words as they can.
    • – Create a ‘newspaper’ report about Spring using as many words as they can.

…and don’t let the creativity stop there!

Words included: April, baseball, bloom, blossom, bird, breeze, buds, bulbs, bunny, butterfly, caterpillar, chick, cloud, crocus, daffodil, dig, Easter, flowers, foal, fog, garden, green, grass, grow, hatch, insect, kite, June, leaf, life cycle, lilac, March, May, nest, picnic, puddles, rabbit, rain, rainbow, raincoat, robin, season, seeds, showers, Spring, sprout, stem, storm, sunshine, tadpole, thaw, tulips, umbrella, warming, water, weather, weeks, wind, worms


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