The Egg Tree Guided Reading and Journal Response ActivitiesThe Egg Tree Guided Reading and Journal Response Activities

The Egg Tree | Caldecott Book Guided Reading and Response


This Reading / Literacy resource offers guided reading questions and student journal responses that will help students enjoy and appreciate the book and illustrations of The Egg Tree, written and illustrated (1951 Caldecott Medal) by Katherine Milhous. During this unit, students will be asked to give opinions, answer factual questions about the story, use critical thinking skills and be creative!

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About the story: The book “The egg tree” tells the history of two children named Katy and Carl, they are going to their grandmothers farm in Red Hills, Pennsylvania, this is the first time the children have the opportunity to spend Easter with their relatives from this part of the country, so they get to meet four of their cousins, the next morning the children wake up early to participate on the Easter egg hunt. Katy seems to have some trouble finding the eggs in this new and unexplored environment, so she decides to explore inside the house, in the attic looking around Katy finds six beautifully painted eggs that she takes to her grandmother immediately, the grandmother express her joy by saying “Katy may not have found the most eggs, but she found the most beautiful eggs”. So then the grandmother decides to decorated a tree with the eggs using them as a kind of ornament, all the kids get inspired because of Katy’s discovery and the grandmother’s joy so they all decided to put special emphasis on their own decoration of the eggs and they decorated a large tree, and the next year one that was even larger.

For the Teacher:

  • Suggested Pre-Reading, About the Cover, After Reading and About the Art work questions are provided. These should be teacher directed.
    Guided reading is ‘small-group reading instruction designed to provide differentiated teaching that supports students in developing reading proficiency‘. The small group model allows students to be taught in a way that is intended to be more focused on their specific needs, accelerating their progress. Questions have been designed to help assess students in a variety of ELA skills.

For the Students:

  • Worksheet for students to answer questions from the story
  • Worksheet to produce questions both while reading and after reading
  • 5 art responses
  • BONUS: Crossword Puzzle

Level: 560L

I’ve included 2 sets of writing pages to accommodate deferring student levels. One set has dashed lines, the other includes solid lines.


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