The Story of American HistoryThe Story of American History

The Story of American History


This 261 page book holds a 1900 copyright and was thought of as the ‘first book on American history used in schools in preparation for… more ‘formal’ textbook learning.’ It is however not for young readers. It is not a textbook but rather reads as an informational book that explains the history of the United States and is best read by 5th -8th graders but can also be used by high school students as a reference as well! It would be a good addition to read along side your normal curriculum.

See description below for chapter titles.

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Chapter titles:

  • America in the Old Days
  • Columbus and the Discovery of America
  • Sir Walter Raleigh and Captain John Smith
  • The story of the Pilgrims
  • More about the Pilgrims
  • The Indians and how they lived
  • The Dutch in New Youk; The Quakers in Pennsylvania
  • The French and Indian Wars
  • Everyday Life in Colonial Times
  • The Beginning of the Revolution
  • Lexington and Concord
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill
  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Burgoyne Campaign
  • Washington and the Revolution
  • The War of the Revolution in the South
  • The Story of Arnold’s Treason
  • John Paul Jones: Our First Great Naval Hero
  • Benjamin Franklin: His Highly Useful Career
  • Everyday Life One Hundred Years Ago
  • What Our Navy did in the War of 1812
  • The Settlement of the Pacific Coast
  • Lincoln and the War for the Union
  • More about the War for the Union
  • Our Navy in the War for the Union
  • The War with Spain in 1989

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