4th - 5th Grade math - decimals4th - 5th Grade math - decimals

Understanding Decimals | 4th-5th


This resource includes 27 ready to use Math worksheets for 4th-5th grade students. Designed to give students plenty of practice and to reinforce student knowledge of decimal notation, location on a number line, digit value and relative value in relation to half.

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  • 10 Worksheets – (Visual – 10ths; 100ths) Given pictures and possible answers, students will choose the decimal which represents the shaded value.
  • 5 Worksheets – (Visual – 10ths; 100ths) Given pictures without possible answers, students will write a decimal to represent the shaded value.
  • 5 Worksheets – (Visual – Number lines) Given a number line with multiple points, students will state which point represents a given decimal.
  • 5 Worksheets – Given a decimal, students will write if the value is more, less or equal to ‘half’.
  • 2 Worksheets – Given a number with one digit underlined, students will write the place value of the underlined number (place values from million to 1000ths)

Answer Keys are provided.


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