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    9 worksheets for young students! Each worksheet has 5 rows of pictures. In each row, students will need to find and color the picture that is different. Extend the learning by reviewing each worksheet with the student(s) after completion. Have them tell you why or how each picture is different? If the difference is positional, discuss. If the picture is something entirely different (such as a different type of fruit or vegetable), discuss what the items are and how they are the same and how are they different.

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  • Categories - Relationships

    5 picture worksheets for young learners to ‘circle’ items that go with a given item.

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  • $2.50

    This 5 page booklet will guide students through common minerals which are found in rock, rock textures and the major rock types: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

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  • $4.00

    Students love learning through interactive, hands-on games! This Science resource will help your students learn to identify and classify animals based on the habitat in which they live! Includes 8 habitats and 72 animal cards.

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  • invertebrate key

    This 21 page resource will take students step by step through a guided identification process for invertebrates.  This key is designed for 6th – 12th grades.

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  • Classification cards - things that are green
    Give students the practice and reinforcement needed to master classification! This unit contains 56 colorful real picture cards and 16 classification categories!
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  • insect pictorial guide - woodland insects

    Students love entomology! What is that bug? Some may use the term MINI-BEAST. Is it an insect, a spider, a slug? “I found this bug in the woods, but what is it called?” To help answer student questions like these, here is an easy to use PICTORIAL IDENTIFICATION KEY!

    Woodland minibeasts included on this picture guide: snail, worm, larvae (pupae), slug, beetle, earwig, aphid, weevil, harvestman, spider, woodlouse, centipede and millipede (all common creepy crawlies found in the woods)

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  • $3.00

    Studying the state of Maine? Perhaps doing a unit on Ornithology? Check out this Notebooking set designed around the Maine State Bird!

    What type of pages are contained in this set:
    – A map page (for the state)
    – Scientific classification page
    – A page for students to give details about the bird’s physical description, habitat, diet, life span and reproduction
    – A page where students will do additional map work to show where in the U.S. the bird lives in addition to migration information
    – Coloring page
    – Several pages on which students can use for expository and/or creative writing as well as sections in which students may draw.

    14 pages in all and is designed for different levels / abilities.

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  • Learn to Classify cards and categories

    Help your students learn to classify by practicing this important skill using this resource offering 300 real picture cards and 36 different ways to classify!

    From simple color classification (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and Brown) to more complex classification such as ‘Things that grow’ vs ‘Things that are born or hatch’…this unit offers plenty of colorful classification practice for PreK through 2nd grade!

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    4 colorful worksheets for young learners learning to find relationships – classify! Students will cut out pictures and glue them under a given picture ‘if’ they belong!

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