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  • $1.50

    This resource, Shape Book – Spring is…, will provide your students with a canvas to express their thoughts and ideas about Spring while creating an adorable, keepsake book. Also, imagine the Spring Bulletin Board that can be created displaying student work!

    There are 8 flower templates included PLUS instructions for students to guide them. (See description below for details)

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  • Easter mazes - Puzzles for Kids

    Here are 10 fun Easter mazes for your students!

    Why use mazes with your students?

    Mazes are a great way to reinforce several valuable skills….Problem solving: Mazes help your students work on their executive functioning skills, such as planning and brainstorming various strategies (e.g. starting from the beginning of the maze or working backwards from the end of maze). Fine motor control: Mazes require your students to control a pencil through the maze without hitting the black lines. Visual motor: Mazes require your students to use their eyes to scan the worksheet in order to find possible solutions. Scanning is a great skill used for reading and writing, as it is important to scan from the left side of the paper to the right side. PLUS, it boosts confidence and is a lot of FUN!

    This resource includes 10 different mazes (with answer keys).

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  • $1.75

    Students can create and publish a story, poem or report using this kite shape book. Includes:

    • – 2 covers
    • – 3 ‘inside’ pages (one blank & 2 single-lined)
    • – templates to make a kite ‘tail’ to add to the book using yarn or string
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  • easter coloring pages

    Here are 20 fun, Easter coloring pages with plenty of bunnies, chicks and eggs to color!

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  • $4.00

    Butterfly Life Cycle Unit is a 49 page cross-curricular unit offering Language Arts, Science, Math and Art activities! By the end of your study, students will know all about the life cycle of the butterfly.

    What is included? Puzzles, posters, worksheets (for tracing, matching, coloring, and completing the life cycle), coloring pages, songs, life cycle mini-book (for students to complete) and even a craft project.

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