Z 299 2nd Math - Unit 1 CoverZ 299 2nd Math - Unit 1 Cover

2nd Grade Math | Unit 1


In this unit, students begin to develop (or review) fluency with sums and differences within 20, building on concepts of addition and subtraction that they covered while covering 1st grade skills and concepts. They learn new ways to represent and solve problems involving addition, subtraction, and categorical data. Students are introduced to picture graphs and bar graphs as a way to represent categorical data. They ask and answer questions about situations described by the data. The structure of the bar graphs paves the way for a new representation, the tape diagram. Students learn that tape diagrams can be used to represent and make sense of problems involving the comparison of two quantities. The diagrams also help to deepen students’ understanding of the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Includes: Student and Teacher Editions
Size: 376 pages

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