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3rd Grade Math | Unit 6


In this unit, students measure length, weight, liquid volume, and time. They begin with a study of length measurement, building on their recent work with fractions. Students will explore length measurements in halves and fourths of an inch. They use a ruler to collect measurements and then display the data on line plots, learning about mixed numbers and revisiting equivalent fractions along the way. Next, students learn about standard units for measuring weight (kilograms and grams) and liquid volume (liters). To build a sense of weights such as 1 gram or 1 kilogram, students hold common objects such as paper clips and bottles of water. From there, students move on to measure time. In the final section of the unit, students make sense of and solve problems related to all three measurements. The work here allows students to continue to develop their fluency with addition and subtraction within 1,000 and understanding of properties of operations. It also prompts them to use the relationship between multiplication and division to solve problems.

Includes: Student and Teacher Editions
Size: 228 pages

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