Christmas 1st Grade Sight Words Center / Interactive Bulletin Board


Christmas 1st Grade Sight Words Center / Interactive Bulletin Board resource has 3 complete sections….

Section 1 includes 60 1st grade sight words on colorful flashcards on which students can trace each word and create their very own flash cards. (These can be beautifully printed in gray-scale to save ink $$)

Section 2 includes the same 60 sight words but in pages ready to be laminated and cut into lasting flash cards to use year after year.

Section 3 includes materials to create a fun, interactive bulletin board (or) center for students. In this section you’ll find category signs for syllables (1-2) and vowels (long & short).

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Additional ways you can use: There are many ways to use the flash cards! Examples of use: student drill, centers, memory game (i.e. concentration game) where students turn over all cards and when each is flipped over, the student must correctly identify the word. If the student correctly identifies the word, he/she can keep that word. If the student does not correctly identify the word, it must be turned over again and the next student takes his/her turn.


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