Hispanic American Biography Research and Report


Have your students complete a biographical research report on a Hispanic American with the help of this resource. Your students may need some guidance in the planning, organizing and presenting a wonderful project, so I have included several thing to aid them.

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Here are the tools included to help them gather, organize, and record information:

  • – 3 pages to help them understand what type of information they should be gathering and the type of guided questions they should be asking themselves to do the most thorough research.
  • – a “Report Planner” to get them started thinking.
  • – a “KWL” to complete at the beginning and after completion of the project
  • – 2 “Reference / Sources” recording pages
  • – 11 Report pages to help students take the information they have gathered, organize it and present it!

For you, the teacher, I’ve included an evaluation rubric to assess various aspects of the completed report: title, topic, content, understanding, fact & details, sources, presentation / neatness/ organization, personal reflections and timeliness of completion. This evaluation can be used by you and also by students if you’d like them to evaluate their own work!


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