Reptile and Amphibian Classification Exercises and CardsReptile and Amphibian Classification Exercises and Cards

Reptile and Amphibian Classification Activities


This Science / Biology resource includes 2 student exercises plus classification card templates that can be used for centers, projects and more.

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First, students will be given the classification handout for both reptiles and amphibians. It will show the classes, orders and families of each. Students will need to complete the handout by listing a species for each ‘family’.

Next, students will choose one species of reptile and one amphibian to complete classification cards listing the class, order, family and species plus information such as habitat, diet, habits, characteristics and a couple other details. Students will also be asked to draw an illustration of each species (including correct coloration).

I’ve also included classification card templates. These can be used in centers, for products or other activities!


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