Snow-Themed Winter Unit for Firsties!


When it is cold out and you want FUN, NO PREP lessons, this is the resource: Snow Themed / Winter Unit for Firsties! This unit will provide you with a couple months worth of student activities.

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  • Language Arts Skills include reading comprehension, sentence sequencing, handwriting / copy work, snow vocabulary work, phonics (“sn” words), rhyming, poetry, punctuation (period, question mark or exclamation mark), complete sentence identification, noun or verb
  • Math Skills: Symmetry, single digit addition and subtraction, even vs odd, number words, graphing, size comparison, telling time, counting money, greater than / less than
  • Science: Learning about how snow forms and the five different types of crystals formed at various temperatures.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Handwriting, Tracing, Drawing, Cutting and Pasting


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